Gaining clarity

Whether you’re a training advisor or language trainer, if you have to sell your services, then you need clarity.

This comes first from clearly understanding what you are and where you want to go (clarity), and then how you are going to get there (actions). If these are all clear, then the results will naturally follow.

One of the difficulties in being an independent language trainer is the need for differentiation (see our post on “Find your niche” for more on this).

Furthermore, probably you will not have had much experience running a business. It is therefore essential to understand the importance of values, mission statements and goals for your business.

You need to take a step back to take lots of steps forward. So I want you to take 30 minutes to do the following exercises:

  1. Write down 3 values that you hold dear to you. They could be qualities too, but values are better. Things that mean more to you than anything. Things that hurt you irrevocably if they are broken. My values are respect, proactivity and fun.
  2. Working from your values, and if you have chosen your niche, then you can write down your mission statement. This must be your ultimate objective for your professional life that differentiates you as much as possible from the competition.
  3. Lastly, take the time to write down your goals. As Brian Tracy says, only 3% of people regularly write their goals down. If you do, then your brain will suc-consciously try to find ways to achieve those goals. Be ambitious!

One last thing: use a pen to write these things down. Much more effective!

I hope that this gives you some good ideas. If you’re interesting in getting more help finding clarity, please find out more of what we do for language trainers and schools here.

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