The following are real testimonials,  given with full consent, from participants in our sales trainings for language schools and independent trainers:

« Everything was perfect. The expertise in the market, the knowledge sharing with other participants as well as practical tools that need to be put into place very quickly. »

« Excellent training. I’m ready to inject some dynamism into my sales! »

« A very rich training course, whether it’s for theory or practical elements. It’s allowed me to feel much more at ease because I’m much more looking forward to selling to this market now. Also, there was a really great atmosphere in the group. A fluid, clear, simple and very instructive training course. »

« I’ve wanted to do this kind of training course for more than 20 years, but could never find anyone specialised enough in language training. If you are part of our profession, then do yourself a favour and do this course with Joss and Andrew as soon as you can. »

« Very good content, group and interactivity. Thanks so much! »

« 10/10. Thank you! »

« A very interesting training course, animated by a very motivating and skilled trainer. »

« A very useful training course that has allowed me to structure the necessary steps needed to construct and sell a coherent language training offer. »

« Incredibly useful, practical training that all independents should undertake! It’s given me the tools to help me achieve my business goals, broken down into manageable steps. Marketing directly seems less scary now! »

« Thank you for this practical training, especially on the second day. I loved the telephone and face-to-face roleplays. It’s given me some positive motication and has allowed me to exchange best practices with other colleagues. Now I’ve just got to just go and get out there! »

« A wonderful discovery for salespeople of language training. I have a much better understand of the importance of managing my emotions. »

« Taking two days to think and listen to others to learn is very rich. »

« Very effective trainers that know really know their stuff. A fun and professional atmosphere. Very insightful and pratical ways of putting the knowlege into practice. »

« Very good, fun, documented and practical training. »

« Excellent, very practical insights and stimulating interaction.  »