Language schools are ofter run by ex-teachers or business managers from a completely different field.

What they don’t realise before getting into this game is that corporate language training is unlike other types of training. You can’t mix I.T. training and language training. You can’t compare it to other HR services.

Corporate language training stands alone. Difficult to manage, difficult to administer, difficult to implement.

If you manage a language school, you’re probably tearing your hair out running in all sorts of directions: hiring trainers, meeting important clients, trying to understand leglisation that’s totally unadapted to your activity, wondering where your margin is going, motivating your overworked admin staff, trying new training approaches.

Are we right?

You need help on how to steer your ship and work out your strategy for the next few years. Linguaid has several years experience working with owners and manager of top language schools. Here are a few of the things we’ve done for them:

  • carrying out SWOT analysis,
  • implementing the latest blended learning solutions,
  • installing adapted Learning Management Systems,
  • creating templates for trainer profiles
  • drawing up templates for answering tender offers
  • positionning advice in the local & national market
  • sales and sales strategy training

If you think one or even several of these things could be of benefit to you, then don’t waste time. Contact us as soon as possible.