Our answers to your questions for 2014

All of the team at Linguaid would like to wish you Happy New Year for 2014. 

2014 is going to be an interesting year for us all. Here’s why:

  • Andrew is back from his year spent as the language training manager of a large French multinational company. His experience there will allow us to further deepen our vision of what companies need and what the winning strategies are for language training companies,
  • Linguaid has won a project with the European Commission to create a European datable of language schools. The kick-off meeting will take place at Eindhoven this week. For more information, click here.
  • Thanks to our partnership with Formaeva, Joss has just received an “A” grade bronze level certification from Kirkpatrick Partners which will enable us to better advise language training schools and training departments on how to evaluate their trainings properly. For any external evaluation needs, please see the Formaeva website.

Throughout 2013, we were asked many recurring questions. We thought this would be a good time to answer them for you: 

Are you going to do any more webinars?
YES! For the moment, our webinars are in French. As we continue to work more and more with internationally based clients, we will provide webinars in English on sales prospecting, marketing, differentiation, etc. If you’d like to sign up for our webinars, please fill in the subscription form at the side of this site.

Are you going to bring out an updated version of your market study?
YES! Our study of the professional French training market is ongoing and a new version will come out this year. We will also bring out an English translation as so many of our international partners have asked us for it!

Do you do consulting directly with language schools?
YES! At the request of each school we work on various projects such as: design and creation of a blended learning offer, finding the winning sales strategy, answering specific tender offers, developing and succeeding your web site, improving your Google positioning, creating a Kirkpatrick evaluation process. We also carry out specific studies for schools and we can help you, if you need, to sell your school or to buy another. Contact us if you’d like to speak to us about one of these subjects!

Do you do any other training except for sales and marketing for language schools?
YES! We’re currently working on training experienced trainers, how to deploy a blended learning offer & how to answer a tender offer.

Do you still offer manageAll?
YES! In 2014 manageAll will now be on the .NET plaftform. It has become one of the leading software platforms for managing language schools in Western Europe (with clients in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Italy). Martin Sanders, the owner and developer, only works with languages schools. Soon we’ll do a webinar to give a demonstration of the new platform. If you’d like one beforehand, please go straight to the manageAll site and have a look. You can also ask for an individual demo whenever you like.

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