Did you know that you don’t have to settle for generic sales training for your language school?

Linguaid is the only company in the world that runs training sessions specifically for the sales staff of language schools.

We have dozens of happy customers and have now trained over 200 professionals in the language training business. We aim to enhance confidence in selling their language training, better understanding of how to differentiate their school, tools to organise their work schedule better and techniques in how to defend their prices.

How does it work?

We have a toolbox approach with 15 different tools that we can teach you to help you improve the sales of your school. We can then use these to customise a 2 day training program that we will implement for your sales staff. Here is an excerpt of some of them:

  1. Understanding the job of selling language training (roles, mission, skills needed, qualities, values and career evolution)
  2. Self-Motivation
  3. Lead generation
  4. Finding your USPs
  5. Story-telling
  6. Organising your telephone sales
  7. Receiving incoming calls from prospective language learners / clients
  8. Making outgoing calls to prospective language learners and clients
  9. Your first meeting with a HR or LD prospect
  10. Answering tender offers
  11. Negotiating prices and fending off the competition

Please click here to have a look at a standard sales training program for language schools. Alternatively, if you are an independent trainer, please click here.

Thanks to his partnership with Formaeva, the leading training evaluation specialists, Joss is also a Silver Kirkpatrick Partners Facilitator, meaning that he has expert knowledge in how to obtain the Business Results and Behavioural Change you need.

Todd_cut“I’ve wanted to do this kind of training course for more than 20 years, but could never find anyone specialised enough in language training. If you are part of our profession, then do yourself a favour and do this course with Joss and Andrew as soon as you can.”
Todd Row, CEO American Teachers

For more testimonials of our sales trainings, please click here.

What are the logistics involved?

We can carry out sales training with:

  • an in-house sales team
  • a network or large chain of schools
  • an association of independent language trainers

We are based in France, but train people all over the world. We don’t do remote training as this is reserved for individual coaching (see below). All training is carried out face to face. We create the tools and techniques that are also delivered in well-made paper booklets.

All trainings include a mini-diagnostic (for a full diagnostic see here) and preparation of the program. We will also conduct surveys after and follow-up calls to ensure things are going smoothly.

How much does the training cost?

  • Please contact us and give us your needs so we can draw up a quote that will include preparation, materials and the training itself.
  • Sales tax is not included for many international sales trainings
  • If you are looking to improve sales of your language courses with businesses, then our lead generation video training is included for each participant.
  • Transport, lodging and meals are not included

Are you interested?

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